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At MME Enterprises LLC, we put our customers first. Since 2015, the cornerstone of our business has been our relationship with our customers. We believe that when it comes to serving as your Medical Equipment Supplier our work should speak for itself.

MME Enterprises LLC is your local medical equipment supplier — providing you all the products you need at prices you can’t compare. We promise to provide you with the best products for the best price, and will do everything to remain your supplier of choice. Our rich history and dedicated service has provided a high level of quality and professionalism — satisfying clients all throughout Atlanta since 2015. How can we help you today?

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WBE (Women Business Enterprise)

Certified by the City of Atlanta and Fulton County within the State of Georgia.

AABE (African American Business Enterprise)

Certified with the city of Atlanta’s Equal Business Opportunity Program (EBO).

City of Atlanta Worker’s Compensation Program

We are happy to interface and offer our services for same to third party administrators and cost containment companies seeking to respond to the RFP for the City of Atlanta Worker’s Compensation Program.

Our History

MME Enterprises, LLC was formed here in Atlanta, GA by Marsha Major Edwards, MD in July of 2015. Dr. Edwards, a Louisiana native, graduated from Southern University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. She later attended Louisiana State University Medical Center in Shreveport, LA, earning her medical degree in 1996. From there, she participated in the Family Medicine program at Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, GA. 


Edwards then explored her passion for medical consulting when she began working as a clinical consultant for ICN Pharmaceuticals, Inc. in Marietta, GA. At ICN Pharmaceuticals, she evaluated the effect of the drug ribavirin on immunocompromised children with Respiratory Syncytial Virus. The study found that ribavirin should not be used as the first line of therapy for pediatric RSV patients with impaired immune systems. 


Edwards expanded her career in the evaluation and implementation of personal injury and worker compensation programs at Atlanta Neurological & Spine Institute, LLC. She had direct collaboration with employers and employees on workplace education, safety, and injury prevention. 


In 2014, Edwards took on the position of sales consultant, specializing in upper and lower extremity orthotics and spinal braces,at Biocraft, LLC in Atlanta, GA. Through her sales of durable medical equipment, Edwards established valuable relationships with other healthcare specialists, i.e., primary care physicians, surgeons, and physical therapists.


Since that time, Edwards has made her primary goal to broaden her scope as a healthcare provider. MME Enterprises, LLC thus provides medical equipment and services to hospitals, physicians, and other medical providers in the Atlanta metropolitan area, as well as other providers as identified.


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