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MME Enterprises LLC, the premier surgical and medical equipment supplier, provides state of the art, FDA approved durable medical equipment to medical professionals and medical establishments around the globe. Our office of distribution management involves other various medical services, such as Medical Management, Medical Consulting Services, and improving cost efficiency for clients, while increasing quality of care measures.

Providing Medical Equipment

At MME Enterprises LLC, we supply both the materials and labor for all of our medical equipment. Our Prescription Services allow us to respond quickly to any issue that requires immediate attention. We offer professionalism in all we do and ensure that you will be satisfied with your purchase and our services. Contact us today and see how you can benefit from our prescription services.

Consulting Services

We pride ourselves on interfacing with both third-party administrators, the employer, and the end recipient, which is the injured worker or patient, to achieve goals of an efficient yet user friendly enhanced experience for the injured worker. This focuses on achieving the goal of getting appropriate care and allowing the injured worker.

Ombudsman Services

There are many occasions when the injured worker (i.e. police officer, firefighter) have had issues in the past that have been made quite public regarding the care, lack of, or their perception of problems in receiving care through the worker’s compensation system. We believe that it would be an advantage to the City of Atlanta and to the injured worker to have someone that would advocate on their behalf and interface with the third-party administrators managing the program. MME Enterprises, LLC is able to effectively communicate with the appropriate offices within the city, and more importantly with the patient to resolve any questions or problems in an effect get through the system that makes them feel that it has been responsive to them, their injuries, and their needs.

Our Services

MME Enterprises, LLC also focuses on improving quality while decreasing cost of medical care. This can be achieved a number of ways including effective data analysis, as well as implementing algorithms and programs that address low quality-high cost care. We have the ability to interface with any company’s data and extract information that highlights quality areas, service interactions between the medical physician or medical provider and the patient. It is at this interface between provider and patient that the majority of service quality, as well as your cost savings will be realized.

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